...You pack the last clothes into your suitcase, drink your cup of coffee and walk to the kitchen. The doorbell rings. You look at your watch and see that your private driver is exactly on time. Today he will take you to picturesque Giethoorn in the head of North Overijssel, the Venice of the North, where you will be pampered for the next few days. The car ride is swift ans passes many great sceneries like the bulb fields and historic former seabound ports and villages. The hotel that has been booked for you has rolled out the red carpet for you. Your suitcase is taken out of the car and the bubbles are ready to be drunk.

You will be taken to your room that smells of jasmine and lavender ... You will have some time to dress up for the 5-course dinner that will be prepared for you in one of the waterfront restaurants… You will be brought there by your host, pampered and in the evening when you get back to your room a nice nightcap is waiting for you and your bed is already open for a wonderful, peaceful night. The next day you will wake up to the goose choir and flirt with the ducks and start the day well with an extensive breakfast on the terrace, after which you will be taken to the uninhabited island in one of the Gieters lakes in an original ‘Gieterse punter’.

Your picnic basket is packed with vegetarian treats prepared just for you, with sun cream and all the information you need for the day. You laze, sun, shop, enjoy and in the evening everything is arranged for you and the next day an extensive brunch is ready and a nice walk is planned.

You end the day with a wonderful round of cycling, where a route with the beautiful highlights is arranged for you. In the evening a delicious dinner with matching wines and then the driver is already on the doorstep. He lifts your suitcase into the car, you wave to the lovely people of the hotel and sink into the back seat…. Giethoorn…. I will definitely come back!