I♥Giethoorn app

Soon you can read everything about the I ♥ Giethoorn app here

With the I ♥ Giethoorn app you will experience authentic Giethoorn in a fancy jacket. An app that guides, seduces and informs visitors with useful tools to explore all that the region of Giethoorn has to offer. Discover Giethoorn and Weerribben Wieden National Park with the app that combines smart mobility and smart hospitality and makes the region tangible. From advanced travel information to unique guided routes for boating, cycling and walking. An app in which artwork comes to life, we go back in time and give you an unique insight in the fysical, historicl and cultural landscape and monuments though Virtual and Augmented Reality experiences.

With moving images and sound, we submerge you in the typical Dutch rural experience. Feel like a real local, visit the Gieterse museums virtually. See the bittern in the reeds, spot the otter and virtually dive into the underwater life of Weerribben Wieden National Park. We are almost there! Hotel and B&B rooms can be viewed before you book and tourist attractions can be experienced in advance. We ♥ Giethoorn! And you? Are you already in love? Then you can continue to follow us via the I ♥ Giethoorn app or any of the media we offer.

With this app we will start in Giethoorn, but we also want to bring Steenwijkerland and the region to the attention in a new and unique way. Do you want to stay informed? Do you want to join? Or are you just curious? Feel free to send us a message or follow us on Facebook or Instagram.